Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Let’s begin the journey of making your child active after school.

What are communication skills?

One of the major developmental tasks in early childhood is learning to communicate. It is a key for children to interact with the people in their world and to have their needs met. Communication development for young children includes gaining the skills to understand and to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and creativity while fostering the ability to become a better speaker and listener both at the same time.


Why teach your kids communication skills?

At Launchpad we believe that every child needs guidance to learn how to communicate effectively and politely while developing their social competencies. Enrolling your children under communication skills activity at an early age will result in an effective communicator for the future. With our early effective communication skills activity, we will be focusing on grooming your child’s overall personality which includes an ability to express thoughts, feelings, and information resulting in future leaders with an ear to hear and a strong belief in dialogue as a part of an effective communication.


What are the benefits of learning communication skills?

Apart from becoming an adept communicator, there is more what a child retains from this activity such as:

  • Effective Speaking skills
  • Developing Self-Control
  • Learning the proper usage of grammar
  • Development in emotional well-being
  • Social Etiquettes
  • Overall Personality Development

About The Mentor

Aditi Sindhwani

Aditi has an experience spanning nearly a decade, as an English and Soft Skills trainer with Veta. She follows a well-defined methodology that acquaints children with basic grammar as the first step. Through her training, she fosters children with the confidence to be more prompt in their communications, and express themselves fluently and effectively in front of a group.


Every Monday 4:00 PM to 4:50 PM

Age Group: 3-5 years old kids

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