Frequently Asked Questions


What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is an Active After School Programme which aims to enrich scholastic, co-scholastic and life skills in children through fun and interactive activities.

What is Launchpad’s ideology?

Understanding child development theories and catering to the needs of children are central to Launchpad’s ideology. At Launchpad, we encourage active participation from each child by facilitating a healthy socio-emotional environment. Adding to this, every child is individually guided by some of the best-known mentors, who catalyze the overall development of the children by exposing them to a variety of skills, which are beyond the main activity.

Why should my child join Launchpad After School Programme?

Research has proved time and again that early years are the best time to lay a strong foundation of Brain Development in children. Therefore, it is an apt time to provide all kinds of stimulation to your children to allow their brain to make the right synaptic connections. Launchpad is the place where your children will get an exposure to a whole lot of activities, including painting, music, dance, theatre, tennis, phonics, golf, abacus, and Vedic Maths, aimed at enhancing their communication, logic, reasoning, gross motor skills and problem-solving abilities. All under a single roof, and in a safe and secure environment.

When do activities start? When do activities end?

After School Programme runs around the year. The programme spans over a duration of two hours every evening from 4 pm to 6 pm, once the children are back from school.

How is Launchpad different from other After School Programmes?

Launchpad is a carefully designed programme which is age specific (3 years-12 years). Hence, the curriculum has been designed to be age appropriate. However, each class comprises a mixed age group of children. This enables a better understanding among children, as they learn from each other during group tasks. In addition, all mentors have been carefully selected as a result of a dogmatic process, keeping in mind the uniqueness of the programme.

What are the activities being offered at Launchpad?

4:00 – 4:50
5:00 – 6:00
MON Phonics / Comm Skills Ballet / Hip-Hop
TUE Abacus / Vedic Maths Tennis
WED Dramatics by Kids World Dramatics by Kids World
THU Creative Writing Golf / Yoga
FRI Reading & Storytelling DIY Workshops

Music by FSM

  5:00 - 6:00
TUE Piano / Guitar
WED Drums / Vocals

For 3-5 Years Old

Little Artists by Hobb Mob
Dancing Angels by Delhi Dance Academy

How do I register in the After School Programme?

Click here to register

Which programme is suitable for my child?

Since every child is unique, the best way to identify the right activities for your child is by exposing her to various skills. Kindly meet our Programme Head in person, for further clarification.

How much will the programme cost me?

Please get in touch with our Programme Head for the required details.

Can my ward switch the classes in between?

We understand that children are still in their exploratory phase. Hence, Launchpad does give ONE opportunity to switch from one programme to another. But we also encourage that children stay with a particular skill for some duration to gain interest and understand the activity better.

What if my child has travel plans / or unwell and we miss few classes?

If due to some reasons the child is unwell or unable to attend a class, Launchpad can request the mentor to cover up for the child. However, it needs to be assured that absenteeism does not become a regular practice.

Is fee transferable to another child?

The fee is totally non-refundable and non-transferable.

What meals, if any, will be provided to my child?

Refreshments will be served during the break which would include quick finger snacks and a nondairy, non-preservative drink.

How equipped are you if my Child is hurt during games / training classes?

Launchpad does have safety kit for the first aid.

What if my child doesn’t enjoy the classes we have chosen for him?

Launchpad will allow the switch only ONCE during the period of enrollment.

How do I know which programme is best for my child?

The Programme Head will help you select the right activities after understanding you and your child better.

Are you anywhere else except Chanakyapuri?

Launchpad does not have any branch at any other location.