Let’s begin the journey of making your child active after school.

Why play Golf?

Golf is a great game for children to learn at a young age which demands patience and discipline, two things that most children don’t have in abundant supply. Golf promotes a respect for others in the practice of etiquette that establishes emotional well-being in the game over a period of time. This is one sport that presents lessons of honesty and respect as an experience, Golf helps a child develop lifelong skills beyond simply hitting a ball into the hole.

Why enrol your child under Golf as an activity?

Out of all the other decision of you as a parent for your child, enrolling her to learn Golf would surely be a decision that makes a real impact. Golf remains a lifelong game. It teaches them to put their energies into the things they can control, let go of the things they cannot control, and take pride in the fact that they are giving their best. Learning golf help children to manage emotions, build a positive outlook and focus towards life.

What are the benefits of learning Golf?

As the children learn to conduct themselves on the golf course, these lessons will translate directly into everyday life. Apart from developing integrity, discipline and respect there is more to add to the list of benefits in learning golf such as:

  • Develops social etiquettes
  • Builds dedication
  • Improves stamina
  • Develops good habits
  • Punctuality
  • Maintains body fitness

About The Mentor

Nikolina Nikoleski

Nikolina’s expertise spans across Bharatanatyam, Classical Ballet, Yoga and Gymnastics. She began her dance journey at the tender age of 4. Trained under the greatest dance maestros, Nikolina has taught dance in the finest schools across Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg and New Delhi. Her recent dance production, have received great accolades from the audience as well as art connoisseurs & critics.


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