Guitar Classes

Let’s begin the journey of making your child active after school.

What is a Guitar?

A guitar is a string instrument that could feature anywhere between 4 to 18 strings, however, guitars with 6 strings are the most common among numerous variants. Understandably, guitar is the quintessential musical instrument across different music genres like Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Country and others.

Why your child should take this course?

Perhaps, guitar, specifically, is the instrument that attracts the most greenhorns to the musical arena. At one stage or another in our lives, we all have been captivated by the idea of being able to play a guitar like a rockstar or even a romantic in some cases. So, why not give our kids a head start and introduce them to guitar with special classes?

At Launchpad, we have come up with a wholesome programme that offers an enjoyable guitar learning experience for the kids. Our association with FSM Mumbai, one of the best music schools in India, enables us to bring an expert approach to help the children in learning guitar.

What are the benefits?

Learning guitar can help your child in developing following traits:

  • Enhanced perception of music at a young age.
  • Better coordinating skills.
  • Added sense of creativity.
  • Better Self-Confidence.
  • Added expression

About The Mentor

Aditya Sarmah

Aditya’s love for dance dates back to his early years when he started learning Bharatnatyam. Currently a mentor at Delhi Dance Academy, Aditya has mastered various dance forms including Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz and Zumba. At Launchpad Aditya teaches Hip Hop and its various forms. His jovial persona makes learning dance an extremely enjoyable & game-like experience for children.


Monday & Thursday

5 pm to 6 pm

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