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What is Phonics?

Phonics is an essential part of communication skills which requires the letter and sound recognition and their associations. It helps children to crack the alphabetic code in English easily introducing them to be able to read new words through blending and segmenting. As a result, children are able to develop logic, reasoning and analysis skills, building a stronger base for overall reading development.

Why should your child learn Phonics?

Growing up should be fun as well as an extreme learning experience. While stepping into their next phase where children become readers, it becomes essential to make them understand the relationship between letters and sounds to read new words.

Since the English language doesn’t always follow predictable rules, children trained under Phonics language programme results in superior performance in the area of critical thinking for a long term basis resulting young readers are able to develop logic, reasoning, and analytical skills which translates to stronger thinking skills overall.

What are the benefits of learning Phonics?

Amongst many other benefits of learning phonics few of them are enlisted here under:

  • Alphabet recognition.
  • Learning letter formation
  • Blending (combining sounds to make a word)
  • Segmenting ( learning to break the letters to form a word)
  • Development of overall reading skills
  • Expansion of vocabulary

About The Mentor

Garima Srivastava

Garima is a certified Jolly Phonics trainer. Her career spans over 10 years as an English Communication and Personality Development trainer. A Masters in Early Childhood Care and Education, Garima has done extensive research on the subject of Early Literacy and Shared Reading. Her trainings have been pivotal in transforming the lives of several children. Her past associations include Inlingua, VETA and CJM.


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